SA Olive Industry Association

Print Advertising, Website, Electronic Newsletters & Campaigns.

SA Olive Industry Association represents all olive growers, olive oil producers, table olive producers, tree nurseries and olive importers within South Africa. They are committed to bringing only the finest olive products to the South African Market to ensure a healthy lifestyle for all.

Blueberry Creatives have been heading up the creative for the South African Olive Oil Association since 2016. With an organic, earthy approach our aim was to bridge the gap between the EVOO producers and the South African consumer through strategic advertising and marketing.

SA Olive Ucook campaign

SA Olive partnered with UCOOK in a 2 week Extra Virgin Olive Oil educational campaign through
flyers, flavour charts and EVOO samples aimed at informing consumers about the benefits of
buying local. Blueberry Creatives conceptualised and produced the campaign which reached
thousands of people through direct and digital advertising.