Ever wondered why your social media presence is not gaining a following or reaching the right audience? Being active on online is an essential part of your marketing plan and should be nurtured with quality content.

Here are some strategy basics we implement for our clients:

Posts with excellent copy paired with the right visuals attract more engagement than text driven content.

Examples of visuals that our creative team implements:

  • Events / Functions / Launches – share news of your team or product in action.
  • New products / services – tell your customers what to look or ask for.
  • Creative info graphics relevant to your service/product to educate your customer.
  • Use emoticons (if relevant to your brand) – it adds a fun component & human quality to your message.
  • Throw-backs (#TBT) – remind customers of your growth over the years.
  • Team members – add a personal touch and show the faces behind the scene. Let your customers know who’s behind your brand or service.
  • Share images from other industries/events – inter-linking brands can boost engagement.
  • Encourage your fans to comment on and share your posts to grow your reach.

Competitions / Giveaways:
We as consumers rarely interact with a new brand without incentive, throwing in a freebie, discount or prize drives interaction. There is no easier way to boost engagement than running a competition. A common 3 step recipe to strengthen your following is as simple as: like, comment and share to win!

Make your customers feel special:
Remember to always make your customer feel at ease when interacting with your brand. Ask simple questions and respond to your customers comments. Ask for their advice, experiences and what they want more of, as they are in essence what makes your brand succesful, and might have all the answers you need in order to grow.

Follow us :
Add social media links on your website and encourage your customers to follow you.

Linking to other website can be a major asset in growing your following. Other companies within your industry are likely to share your content if you post in return. Forming a relationship with other parties in your industry to interact with each other and repost each others content can boost both parties’ engagement and following.

Recycle Content:
Social media platforms eg. Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest have different target markets & demographics. Customise your content to fit each platform in order to reach a wider audience.

Tag your in!
Using the correct hashtags identifies the core of your content and makes it easier for users to relate to your brand or service, hence – always research your hashtag thoroughly and plug in to trending hashtags as often as possible.

Timing is Essential
Different target markets use social media platforms at different times during the day. Monitor your social media platforms and make sure you post at the highest point of engagement.


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